Basse De Musette, front view

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Basse De Musette, stamp

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Basse De Musette, back view

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A highly important Swiss Bass Oboe or Basse De Musette from around the 1750s, possibly by Jeanneret, who made "Basses de musette" around 1760 - 1785 and had a similar stamp. Unrestored, same as the one exhibited in the Swiss Landes-Museum, 5 keyed, total length without bocal 82 cm, diameter on the top 2.6 cm, bell diameter 11.5 cm, stamped on the big key IF.R. and two stars, broken missing part at the top 7 cm long 2.6 cm wide, no cracks on the middle joint but a small hole near the top 1 cm, one full crack through the bell and one half crack at the bell, probably original brass bocal, never restored in all original condition, sold as is.

Basse De Musette, bell

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