Hurdy Gurdy by Cailhe & Decante, front view
Hurdy Gurdy by Cailhe & Decante, head
Hurdy Gurdy by Cailhe & Decante, front view

The body of lute form, 9 alternate ribs of rosewood and maple painted with ornaments, the table of spruce pierced with 2 stylised 'C'-holes either side of the tailpiece and edged in ebony, bone, flower engraved mother of pearl and painted with ornaments, the keyboard of ebony and bone, the keyboard box painted with ornaments and spectators, the wheel cover, box lid and tailpiece decorated with inlaid mother of pearl flower ornaments and fruitwood, the peg box with flower and trellis decoration terminating in a carved emperor's head, 6 ebony and mother of pearl pegs, one bone peg in the tailpiece, bone handle, total length without handle 64 cm, width 26 cm, depth 20 cm, originally setup to play.

Hurdy Gurdy by Cailhe & Decante, stamp

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